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Rock Onto Car

I don't even know how that could have happened.

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Forklift Into Racks

This is what a bad day looks like.

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Steel Recycling

That looks like a secure load.

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Beresfield Rail Crash

From the email:

On 23 October 1997, at 0632 hours, coal train DR396 collided with the rear of another coal train, MT304 standing at Tarro, en-route to Port Waratah. The collision occurred in clear conditions on the up coal road, adjacent to the western end of Beresfield railway station. Both trains were operated by FreightCorp.

The driver and observer of DR396 suffered serious injuries, as did a person standing on the station platform. The Stationmaster also suffered minor injuries.

The three locomotives and first ten coal wagons of DR396 were derailed, as were the three rear wagons of MT304. Wreckage blocked both coal roads and adjacent mainlines. Beresfield station and associated structures also suffered extensive damage. Considerable disruption to passenger and freight operations resulted from the accident.

The response to the emergency by local services, and rail organisations, was carried out with speed and efficiency, substantially in accordance with established procedures. Restoration of services was largely accomplished by 27 October, without further injury.

The investigation found the circumstances of the accident were consistent with the crew of DR396 failing to comply with caution and stop signal indications protecting the stationary MT304. Reduced driver alertness, associated with work related fatigue, was found to be a significant factor in the events leading to the collision, together with a system intolerant of human error, and inadequate safety defences.

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Dropped Train

Ouch. Not the correct way to deliver a train.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Power Pole Repair

Always good to see when people take pride in their work.

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Acetylene explosion in FJ40

This happened in Regina, 29 November 2011.

Here is what the owner said:

So my time almost came to an end this morning... I'm very lucky to be

I had an acetylene bottle in my truck, the valve was bumped so slightly and
over night the truck filled with the gas. I noticed the smell, and opened
the doors to air out the truck. I drove the truck out of the garage to get
some more air movement. I went to roll the pass side window down and as
soon as I touched the power windows. BAM - with me in the truck. I lost all
hearing out of my right ear and got a scratch on the back of my head. All
things considering, I'm alive.